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“We had a super canoe trip, down a new section of the Wisconsin River, two weeks ago. Your rack was just a terrific help again – we would never be able to manage lifting and transporting our canoe without it!” … Biss,  Madison, Wisconsin

“I love your product and get many comments from folks when I am loading and unloading.  One problem is folks always see me unloading or loading by myself and want to help, so I have to politely tell them “no thanks, I got it.” … Larry, Granite Bay, CA

“This loader is well built and works just like in the video. I have a 17″ Gurmman aluminum canoe that weighs over 100 pounds and now I can load it by myself on top of my Suburban.”  …. Steve, Brainerd, MN

“Thanks for a great product. I get a lot of lookers at the launches and I bet I have sold a bunch of these for you. I just wish that you would make a front rack that disconnects quick like the back rack.” … Warren, Corpus Christi, TX

“The best kayak loader and carrier I have ever seen – bar none.” … Mardease, Punta Gorda, FL

“I use my canoe a lot more now thanks to your loader making it so easy.” … Caroline, Vancouver, WA

“Why don’t you advertise your rack for SUPs? I bought one because it looked like it might work and it works great. It makes loading my board on top of my Outback from the side real easy and it is easy to tie down.” … Sherri, Fort Lauderdale, FL  ” Good advice, we now make the loaders to carry SUPs,” Dennis

“It looks like a great system but I may never find out how it works. Why can’t you keep them in stock, I have been on the waiting list for over two months.”  … Jarrod, Houston   “This comment was from 2014. We sold out of stock when  our fabricator was moving to a larger shop and could not produce the loaders for two months,” Dennis



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