I am an outdoors writer and photographer with a passion for fishing flat water. Turn me out on the saltwater flats or on the shallow shores of a reservoir and I will not bother the rest of the herd for hours.

Through the years,  I developed a relationship with canoes and kayaks. They expanded my range so I loved them on the water, but I loved them less when loading and unloading them on the roof of a vehicle.

I came up the idea of attaching a rotating bar to the rear crossbar on my roof rack, and my fishing partner that builds and races sprint cars helped me build the first prototype in his shop.

From my home in Colorado, I have tested the loader on road trips to the Gulf of Mexico, and on grueling four-wheel-drive mountain roads. The loader has never failed.

I have the loaders made by ABM Fabrication and Machining  http://abmfab.com/,  a family owned business in Arvada, Colorado. The pieces are laser cut, TIG welded, and powder coated.


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